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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1: How much does it cost to install a new roll-up steel gate system?

Answer 1: Every job is different, and estimating is done one a job by job basis for you. The elements governing price include the size and configurations of the gate, the type and gauge of the steel used, the degree of automation, motor strength, remote-controlled, electric-eye as well as other critical factors. Upon placing your call to Brooklyn Rolling Steel Door, Inc. our professionally trained personnel can come to your site, take measurements and specifications to create an free estimate of a job custom built to your location. Call 718-502-1111

Question 2: How much does it cost to motorize an existing manual roll-up steel gate?

Answer 2: Again, here the price will depend on the size and configuration of the gate or fence in order to determine the size and type of motor to be used. Other considerations include installation and use patterns in daily use.

Call 718-502-1111 for an estimate on your upgrade. We also perform gate reapirs.

Question 3: What is needed to automate a rolling steel door?

Answer 3: A manual or chain-operated roll-up steel gate can be made to operate electrically by the installation of a new motor, matching gear head, key switches, and proper electrical connections. Older gates may require additional parts and maintenance. Call our estimator at 718-502-1111

Question 4: Can you automate opening and closing of a chain-link fence?

Answer 4: Yes! A chain-link fence can be converted to open automatically by the use of an electrical power motor, and controller. Brooklyn Rolling Steel Door, Inc. can make a chain-link fence to open either (See photo)

  • LIFTING up and close down
  • SLIDE open left or right, to open and close
  • SWING inward or outward from the location it is protecting.

Question 5: How long does it take to complete a new rolling steel gate installation?

Answer 5: Assuming all the parts are available, a gate can be installed in as little as 1 to 2 days from the signing of the job contract and deposit payment. Please, note that we also offer emergency rush service, with the possibility to improve on these time estimates. Call our estimator at 718-502-1111

Question 6: What lock brand do you recommend for the roll-up gates?

Answer 6: Brooklyn Rolling Steel Door, Inc. recommends the quality line of locks of the Master Lock Company, LLC. Their high-quality locks and hasps are American-made and will provide years of maintenance-free operation, in all weather conditions.

Question 7: Are you available 24 hours for emergency installations and repairs?

Answer 7: With a single phone call to Brooklyn Rolling Steel Door, Inc. critical service telephone number 917-682-0217, we can schedule emergency gaterepair immediately, and have someone out to your location within the hour. Installations, on the other hand, must be scheduled in advance but can be started as soon as the next business day, assuming parts can be obtained.

Question 8: If I install gates inside the storefront window, won’t criminals still break the glass in my window?

Answer 8: In our experience, they most likely won’t, since the sight of strong security gates is a good visual deterrent. While your glass may technically be exposed, criminals typically want quick access to product and are more likely to break into a property down the street where security gates are not installed.

Question 9: Are roll-up steel gates fireproof?

Answer 9: Although all roll-up steel gates are fire-resistant to some degree, only those gates rated for fire, can designated fireproof. Also, keep in mind the materials, and composition of the building structure itself, upon which these gates are installed. Only an assessment by a qualified fire prevention professional can determine, and evaluate your risk.

Question 10: Do you provide the electrician for motorized gates?

Answer 10: Brooklyn Rolling Steel Door, Inc. can arrange for any necessary electrical installation, or conversely, you can you can contract a licensed electrician of your choice directly.

Question 11: What is the range of the remote control hand transmitters?

Answer 11: Your typical electric gate remote control can trigger activation to open or close your gate at a distance of 5 to 100 feet depending on the deive.

Question 12: Do your motorized gates come with electric-eye auto-retraction for safety?

Answer 12: Since self-retracting safety feature is a national standard for automatically closing doors Brooklyn Rolling Steel Door, Inc. installs this option on all its jobs.

Question 13: What guarantee does Brooklyn Rolling Steel Door, Inc. offer on its product & workmanship?

Answer 13: On new installations we guarantee our materials and workmanship to function to promised specifications for a period of 1 year, during which we will replace or replace and parts that fail due to manufacturing defect under normal use, at no additional cost to you. On repairs, we guarantee our repairs, parts and labor for a period of 90 days.

Question 14: Does the cost of the installation job include proper safety signs?

Answer 14: Yes, any and all regulatory warning, instructions, and cautions signs are provided with every new Brooklyn Rolling Steel Door, Inc. installation.

Question 15: Does Brooklyn Rolling Steel Door, Inc. perform removals and carting away of old systems.

Answer 15: Brooklyn Rolling Steel Door, Inc. will remove and cart away unusable and derelict debris from a new installation, and gate repair jobs. Call our estimator at 718-502-1111

Question 16: Can I open my roll-up door if there is a power outage?

Answer 16: An electric gate systems are equipped with emergency override manual open and close, to operate your gate in the event of a area-wide power outage. Gate systems with chain operated override mechanisms can be opened manually by the use to the attached chain drive.

Question 17: Do I need any permits to install a fence or gate?

Answer 17: There are certain zoning restrictions with may dictate the need for a permit. It is best to contact you local municipality for more information on proper permitting and other restrictions on gate, fence, security usage/

Question 18: What kind of maintenance do automatic gates require?

Answer 18: Keeping roll-down gates parts well lubricated lubed goes a long way toward making them last. Other parts of the system such as belts, motors, and linkages, where applicable, will need to be changed or adjusted on a maintenance schedule. Brooklyn Rolling Steel Door, Inc. recommends to have a professional maintain it every 2,500 cycles (every 5,000 for commercial openers) or once a year whatever comes first. Performing it in the Spring is a good time for yearly maintenance to address winter ravages.

Question 19: Do you install privacy strips in chain link fencing?

Answer 19: Brooklyn Rolling Steel Door, Inc. does not recommend the installation of vinyl privacy strips on an existing gate since the increased pressure from wind may easily overwhelm the strength of the support foundations on the fence causing it to fail. If you are willing to accept the liability, we will install these strips.

Question 20: What other services do you perform?

Answer 20: Brooklyn Rolling Steel Door, Inc. does welding, Iron work, metal repair, structural steel, decorative wrought-iron fencing, steel basement hatch doors, residential overhead garage doors.

Question 21: Does Brooklyn Rolling Steel Door, Inc. maintain gate systems, if installed by other companies?

Answer 21: Yes of course, after an initial inspection and certification of operation, we would undertake a maintenance contract to keep you gate running in its best condition. In terms of repairs, we will undertake to make any and all necessary repairs to return your gate to full and smooth operation. Call our estimator at 718-502-1111

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